HIPAA Consulting Services

As per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), we check the medical software products to achieve their compliance, build reasonable security strategies, and detect and close security gaps to help businesses become reliable healthcare providers.

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What’s in our HIPAA consulting

We are your reliable HIPAA compliance consultant that provides a thorough security risk assessment (SRA) of potential vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI) as required by the Security Rule. Here are the services we offer.

HIPAA Securities

Preliminary risk finding

We perform an in-depth analysis of your product and a high-level assessment of its risks and vulnerabilities. This helps us prepare for a further security risk assessment and plan our next actions to ensure your HIPAA compliance.

Security Services

Security risk assessment planning

Cost-effective strategies are planned out for the system security risk assessment by our specialists, who develop and document test plans for security risk assessment for the organisation.

HIPAA-Consulting 3

Holistic security review

Our teams perform detailed manual and functional testing for identifying system vulnerabilities and security gaps by a complete evaluation of the software product.

Work Design

Security assessment test design

The quality assurance specialists at Shriffle prepare the necessary assets and define tools to conduct security testing of your software and we develop test checklists and test cases to check each aspect of your system’s safety.

Secure Web Application

Security risk analysis

The QA engineers at Shriffle along with business analysts conduct a comprehensive security risk analysis for multiple software solutions as we maps out assets, potential threats, and operational risks so you know what to protect.

Secure Mobile Application

vulnerability assessment

Technical cybersecurity assessment is performed by experts that include penetration testing from multiple perspectives and these assessments help us identify your product’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

When do you need a HIPAA consultation?

Our team consists of skilled and experienced HIPAA risk assessment consultants that will help you bring your software product’s cybersecurity to the next level.

You want to

  • Be HIPAA-compliant and meet all necessary security standards and requirements
  • Define and implement all necessary technical features for data security and protection
  • Get a comprehensive solution to your IT product’s vulnerability and security issues
  • Have artifacts that prove HIPAA compliance to your partners, clients, and customers

You need to

  • Detect and close security gaps in your IT product as a whole
  • Set up all necessary procedures in your organization to be HIPAA-compliant fast and cost-effectively
  • Get a comprehensive information security strategy for your software product
  • Develop and set up a security management plan to be continuously protected and follow HIPAA requirements

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