Application maintenance and support Services

The application maintenance and support services we offer eliminates the likelihood of bugs, incompatibilities, and security issues. That helps your products to be relevant and responsive to market demands.

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Products we support and maintain

Web Maintenance

Web platforms

We constantly monitor your app, fix bugs, and update hosting services and third-party APIs for seamless website usability. We introduce new functionality in our updates for better usability as per the requirement.

Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile apps

Mobile apps require regular updates for a bug-free experience and at Shriffle we provide regular upgrades in the mobile apps to the latest iOS/Android platform versions to ensure smooth app performance on all the latest devices.

What to expect when partnering with us

shriffle is a reputable industry front-runner focused on long-term cooperation. We build, support, and maintain web and mobile apps, adding value to your software products.

Enhanced app performance

The software efficiency escalates with our application maintenance and support services reducing the overall system downtime and perpetuating the app cycle.

Increased customer retention

Perpetual efficiency and consistent service quality leave most of our clients extremely satisfied. Moreover, we can add valuable features that your users require.

Reduced total cost of product ownership

The overhead associated with managing an in-house team and your app infrastructure gets reduced with our monthly maintenance kit.

Minimized business risks

We constantly monitor your app for preventing malicious attacks and data losses and regular data backups allow you to store all critical information in a safe place and access it anytime you need it.

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