Product Ideation Services

The Product Ideation Service provided at Shriffle understands the business structure to create strategies accordingly. We create the digital form of your business with a software product designed to find solutions to crucial problems.

To help you create a product that suits your business and brings value to the users, we use structured ideation methods to come up with solutions in demand.

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Our product ideation services

We substantiate the application idea and calculate its viability through testing, improving the usability, and adding value for the users.

How we perform product ideation

We help our clients find the path to creating products that are profitable for their businesses and valuable for their users. To ensure a successful software development process, our product ideation services include the following stages:

Stage 1. Product alignment

At the beginning of the product ideation process, we prepare the ground with product alignment. This stage includes:

  • Holding a kick-off meeting
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Developing and approving a responsibility assignment matrix
  • Planning and setting up communication channels
  • Deploying a project management repository
  • Deploying a project task tracking system
  • Setting up communication tools
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Stage 2. Research and elicitation

We carefully examine your target market, target audience, and niche; your competitors’ products; and the requirements of all project stakeholders. At this stage, we do the following:

  • Investigate the product concept and vision
  • Develop a lean canvas
  • Analyze the market
  • Analyze competitors
  • Analyze functional competitors

Stage 3. Coming up with the solution

We identify product requirements to understand what functionality and design your product should have. At this stage, we:

  • Elicit product requirements
  • Define the solution concept
  • Define user roles
  • Design and approve the product feature set
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Product ideation flow

Build EXPLORATION VALIDATION Prototype Research Evaluate Learn Ideate Test Goal
EXPLORATION VALIDATION Research Prototype Evaluate Learn Ideate Test Build Goal

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