Code Review Services

The determination of the source code of the current web platform or mobile application is essential to handle future business needs.

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When do you need our code review services?

We review the codes to ensure the application and its components are of high quality, stable, and secure. The target is to make the software easier to understand and cheaper to modify.

How we review your source code

At shriffle, we take a balanced approach to auditing code, combining manual code review with automated code audit tools. This allows us to find common bugs and vulnerabilities as well as detect complex underlying problems.

Stage 1. Technology stack identification

At this stage, our experts list all technologies used in your application including gems, libraries, deployment tools, authorization and authentication approaches, and asynchronous jobs. In addition, our team checks whether these tools are properly configured. At the end of this stage, you get:

  • A report with a list of technologies used in your product
  • Recommendations from our technical experts on improving the current tech stack
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Stage 2. Automated security audit

An automated code security audit can detect more than 4,500 web app vulnerabilities to make your application as unassailable as possible. A code security audit consists of:

  • Patch-level verification during which we look for vulnerabilities in current libraries
  • Searching for vulnerabilities in the source code by checking how sensitive data is stored, how data is accessed, etc.

Stage 3. Static code analysis

We perform static code analysis using a set of code analysis tools. You’ll see the results of each analysis along with a short summary and a link to a full report. During this stage, we perform:

  • Bottleneck detection
  • Code quality checks
  • Code smells detection
  • Autotests quality checks
  • Check of style guides and structural similarities
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Stage 4. Manual code audit

During a manual code audit, we check if your code:

  • Follows common principles of code design (DRY, KISS, YAGNI, SOLID)
  • Uses design patterns correctly
  • Has and correctly uses architectural layers in addition to MVC
  • Is correctly integrated with third-party services
  • Uses a valid database architecture
  • Has the tools for proper automated deployment
  • Has data backup mechanisms

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