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Shriffle is a research-driven company that puts each detail in its place to meet the demand of your product. For the users to have more access to your content, we put each detail in its place to produce delightful experiences and appealing interfaces.

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We’re a Website Design Service that makes your product stand out

In the digital world, your website is the first interaction consumers have with your business and almost 95% of users’ first impression relates to web design. Therefore, it is essential to create a product that can solve your user’s problems better than your competition.

How? We take a research-driven approach to product design that lets us understand your business idea and explore the best ways to realize it.

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The shriffle Web app design company's full-stack team take care of all your needs from responsive website design services to development and testing.

User experience design

A quality user experience in designing the interface with intuitive navigation and clear layouts is what we provide. We create a balance between usability and functions providing you with a product that would meet your business goals.

User interface design

We create the user interface for mobile apps and design as per the guidelines of iOS and Android. The attractive interface enhances brand competitiveness giving you a product that meets your users’ needs and business goals.

Website development

Shriffle provides a full range of high-performance, secure, and reliable iOS and Android websites. Our website design for iPhones and iPads and multiple Android devices is of high quality yet cost effective.

How we design website applications products

Research, competitor analysis, ideation, and user testing are some of the most important steps of our product design process. Here’s how we create great solutions that solve real problems.

The first stage of web design focuses on user-centric research. Our design team collects ideas to establish features, functions, and other elements to solve the issues.

Our team in the research stage prepares the competitive analysis report, personal details report, and other market strategies to draw a roadmap as per the vision of your business.

Our designers generate ideas to understand your user's problem from different perspectives and ideate innovative solutions.

The prototypes are created to investigate the key solutions generated in the ideation phase by the design team. The purpose is to identify the best possible solution for each of the problems identified during the first three stages.

In the final stage our designers rigorously test the complete product where they redefine and improve the experience using the Usability and Analytics reports.

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