Custom API Development Services

Custom API Development

Leverage our invaluable experience, technological expertise, and industry knowledge to get bug-free and easy-to-use APIs fast

We use Ruby on Rails to develop highly secure and resource-efficientback ends and APIs for enterprise-grade apps and consumer-facing products

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How we create APIs for your product

We’ve established a logical workflow that helps us deliver quality APIs in the shortest time possible.

Stage 1. Development planning

At the start of the project, we gather API functionality requirements, estimate the scope of tasks, establish a team, draw up a project budget, and create a release plan. At this stage, we:

  • Analyze business, functional, and technical requirements
  • Investigate the UX design
  • Refine features
  • Decompose features
  • Estimate tasks
  • Decompose the team
  • Create a release plan
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Stage 2. Architecture design

To ensure a high level of software quality, maintainability, and scalability, we design the software architecture by creating style guides and describing the approaches to be used during API development. This stage includes:

  • Designing the backend architecture
  • Designing the API
  • Designing the database architecture
  • Selecting the technology stack and libraries
  • Selecting integrations

Stage 3. Development environment configuration

After we’ve planned the development process and the API’s structure, we move to configuring the tools and environment and setting up continuous integration. Preparing the ground for the development stage involves completing the following tasks:

  • Initializing a Rails application
  • Configuring and setting up the technology stack
  • container container-fluid--mdizing the application
  • Configuring development, test, and staging environments
  • Setting up a continuous integration server
  • Configuring deployment scripts
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Why we choose Ruby on Rails

Among numerous advanced technologies, we prefer Ruby on Rails due to a wide range of competitive advantages

Fast development Scalable Massive resources and community Reliable and easy to maintain High level of data protection Easy to support Flexible Cost-effective

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